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By Karl Zinsmeister

An as much as the minute record on America's such a lot pressing nationwide fight, as obvious throughout the eyes of the U.S. servicemen and Iraqis who're striving to construct a brand new nation within the most threatening position on the earth.

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You know we respect religion, but what you are preaching is not religion, it is criminal activity. ” The sheik, claiming translation errors, seems stunned to learn that the remarks in question are preserved in their original on tape. ” Privately Haight tells me, “He has pushed me into an awful position. ” I ask another officer what kind of response could be expected if one of the imams was detained. “Three to five days of neighborhood demonstrations, perhaps some of them rough, but then things would fade.

46 THE RECONSTRUCTION BUSINESS This region has been trouble from the beginning. Back in October, the soldiers conducting this morning’s search uncovered the largest ammunition cache found in Baghdad — a huge stash buried on the grounds of a mosque bordering the Tigris, which included 2,000 rockets, 357 landmines, 207 artillery shells, and cases and cases of small-arms ammunition, anti-aircraft rounds and fuses. The 2nd Battalion’s engineers removed some of the ordnance and destroyed the rest in place; there was a series of spectacular explosions that took all day and left excavations that literally rerouted the Tigris.

FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE The minority of Iraqis who resent the ousting of Saddam Hussein are clustered in the so-called Sunni Triangle, where certain villages, cities and neighborhoods have slapped away the American olive branch. During the summer and fall, a few recalcitrant hot spots like Fallujah, Ramadi, Samarra, Balad, Tikrit and parts of Baghdad flamed with guerilla activity. The resistance reached an ugly crescendo around Halloween, when, in one month, eighty-one American soldiers and many Iraqi security personnel and innocent civilians were killed by insurgents operating from these seething niches.

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