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By Alexander Wöll, Harald Wydra

Within the absence of democratic nation associations, jap eu international locations have been thought of to own basically myths of democracy. engaged on the basis that democracy is not just an institutional association but additionally a civilisational undertaking, this publication argues that legendary narratives support realizing the emergence of democracy with no ‘democrats’. analyzing varied nationwide traditions in addition to pre-communist and communist narratives, myths are noticeable as politically fabricated ‘programmes of fact’ that shape and maintain the political mind's eye. showing as cultural, literary, or old assets, myths quantity to ideology in narrative shape, which actors use in political struggles for the sake of accomplishing social compliance and loyalty with the authority of recent political varieties. Drawing on a variety of case stories together with Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia, this e-book argues that narratives concerning the earlier are usually not easily ‘legacies’ of former regimes yet have actively formed representations and meanings of democracy within the quarter. Taking varied theoretical and methodological methods, the ability of delusion is explored for concerns reminiscent of management, collective identity-formation, literary illustration of heroic figures, cultural symbolism in performative artwork in addition to at the structure of legitimacy and civic id in post-communist democracies.

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