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Thus some of the increased cash income was used to improve living conditions. To a large extent the money for houses and business equipment was borrowed from Greenlandic funds which, as mentioned earlier, were generated from the Trade, so in a sense their source would be Greenlandic production at least if there was a trade surplus overall. This had not in fact been the case since 1885 except for some years during the First World War. From 1935, however surpluses were produced by the increased demand for cryolite used for making aluminium, which in turn was used for building aircraft.

Cod was the main catch. Piles of dried and salted cod in a fishery house in Paamiut 1919. Photo Jens Daugaard- Jensen/Arctic Institute. The proportion of Greenlanders in the different branches of colonial service is shown in 7. Significant changes occurred in administration and mining. The growth of Greenlandic employment here was due to a growing number of jobs in the Greenlandic councils and advances in communication. The opening of a coalmine at Qullissat in 1924 explains the growth in mining jobs.

A. 1 3,154 4,139 15,32 16,457 35 THE DAUGAARD-JENSEN PERIOD, 1912-1940 Diagram 2. Seal catch 1887-1934 West 9 Greenland per inhabitant. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1887 1892 1897 1902 1907 1912 1917 1922 economy, a shift which had been seen earlier in other parts of the North Atlantic. In the later 19th century Iceland and the Faroe Islands shifted from a predominantly agrarian society to sea fishing as the main economic activity. In Greenland the shift from a hunting society was in many ways a greater leap.

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