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This textbook is designed for classes in mass move operations, a staple in any chemical engineering curriculum. the second one version is up to date to debate many constructing themes in mass move operations no longer mentioned within the first, together with membrane separations, chromatography and different adsorptive tactics, ion alternate, electrophoresis, and multistage batch distillation, differential delivery equations, and boundary-layers. This re-creation also will comprise mass move phenomena in organic platforms, making it appropriate in biochemical engineering in addition to chemical engineering.

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The washing of ammonia from a mixture of ammonia and air by means of liquid water is a typical example. The solute is subsequently recovered from the liquid by distillation, and the absorbing liquid can be either discarded or reused. When a solute is transferred from the solvent liquid to the gas phase, the operation is known as desorption or stripping. In humidification or dehumidification (depending upon the direction of transfer) the liquid phase is a pure liquid containing but one component while the gas phase contains two or more substances.

2. 4 cm3/mol). 3. 4 4. For nonpolar solutes diffusing into monohydroxy alcohols, the values of VbB should be multiplied by a factor equal to 8pB,wherepB is the solvent viscosity in cP. 8 Calculation of Liquid Diffusivity in Aqueous Solution Estimate the diffusivity of ethanol (C,H,O) in a dilute solution in water at 288 K. Compare your estimate with the experimental value reported in Appendix A. Solution (a) Use the Wilke-Chang correlation, equation (1-52). , 1987). 9)”6 AB cm2 = 1 . 0 x 10” cm2/s.

89411 For a binary system composed of nonpolar molecular pairs, the Lennard-Jones parameters of the pure components may be combined empirically by the following relations: These relations must be modified for polar-polar and polar-nonpolar molecular pairs; the proposed modifications are discussed by Hirschfelder et al. (1954). The Lennard-Jones parameters for the pure components are usually obtained from viscosity data. Appendix B tabulates some of the data available. 15Tb ( 1-46) ( 1-47) where Vb is the molar volume of the substance as liquid at its normal boiling point, in cm3/gmol, and Tb is the normal boiling point temperature.

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