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Need Focus???

Too many Emails, Meetings, Systems, Issues, Discrepancies, Projects nagging your Inbox? Can't seem to get anything done? This is why consultants exist who can come in and bring focus and their expertise.

Ad Design

We can come into your organization and make recommendations about what ad units to use, where you should use them, when you should use them and what CPMs to charge. We can work with you to create the plan as well as implement it across your existing organization and architecture.


Header Bidding itself is a rabbit hole of wrappers prebid.js by AppNexus, Foodpub.js by Yieldbot, Index, Technorati and by the time I have finished typing out this list those technologies have been replaced by something newer. Not to mention the dozens of vendors mapping into these wrappers looking to monetize your inventory.


Your basic ad systems is composed of a CRM, OMS, Ad Server, Programmatic Stack which is only part of the ecosystem that makes up the Lumascape. Let us help set up these systems and we specialize in mapping the data in a clear reportable system so you can map your website content to your revenue generating goals.


Lost on where to go, how to get to where you need to next? We can help guide you. We are not a company looking to place ad units on your page to monetize. Or adding so many ads on the page to show high RPMs destroying your user experience. You pay for what you get.

About Webenize

Where the Web meets Monetization
Is your site responsive but not your ads? Are you maximizing desktop CPMs only?

Founded by Michael Bendell who saw the need for technical AdOps and Yield Management. Many publishers like you just want to focus on great content and not on testing new ad vendors that will ultimately slow down the page and ruin your beautiful designs. Having worked for Viacom, Federated Media, BlogHer (SheKnows Media) he brings the knowledge and experience of having to support over 12k combined publishers at scale. Michael formed to create a consultancy of knowledgable doers - Experts in the field of AdOps and AdTech.

  • Google AMP
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Apple News
  • Native Placements


Ad Tech Boutique - Our model is not to offer you something free which in the long term will hurt your audience for others short term gain. We are looking to grow your revenue, your company and create ultimately a better product so users can engage, digest and share your content.
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Michael Bendell

Ad Tech Consultant
8 years in Ad Tech previously a scrum master and cofounded a data-warehouse company.
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Consultants Wanted

Looking for highly qualified consultants in the ad tech space who can help publishers.

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